Quality is our top most priority

Quality Control

Good product quality and customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Together with our professional inspectors, we guarantee the accuracy on every production process. We aim to provide the best of quality products with great attention to details. All our quality control checking details are recorded in a systematic way for more organized management review.

We also welcome clients to personally visit or send representative to check and inspect the products in an in-line stage or before shipment. In this way we can present our company transparency and improve customer relationship. Thus, both parties will have a chance to share objective feedback and inputs on how to resolve issues when it arise.

Inspection Checklist:

  • Product Dimension check
  • Color shade check
  • Smell check
  • Hand feel check
  • Labeling check
  • Color fastness rubbing check
  • Product weight check
  • Fabric weight check (gsm)

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