About Us

Ties, Scarves, and Neckwear Specialist

Finding the best manufacturer is an essential business decision. Get to know us and find out yourself why Capex is the right choice.

Who Are We

Founded in year 1998, Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited, located in Hong Kong, has become the leading choice for brands and businesses who need a reliable manufacturing partner that offers both OEM & ODM services.

We have our own factory in China and our experience in the industry gave us great expertise in our client’s product type and target market.

Our Market

We deliver our products and services Worldwide. We have been recognized as qualified product supplier in worldwide market.

Our Customers

We offer variety of products to a wide customer base. Both from Fashion Clothing Industry and Non-Fashion Sectors.

Why Capex?

We aim to represent your brand with confidence by delivering flexible services and client support & assistance.

Our manufacturing services basically has two approaches – OEM and ODM. OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing means we customize designs based on our client’s branding. ODM or Original Design Manufacturing means we follow our customer’s own design and put it into production. Both approaches come with the same purpose which is to facilitate our client’s product development process.

We accept modification and customization based on client’s specification.

We cater both startup and established businesses or companies. Ensuring consistent product manufacture and meeting our client’s requirements are also our priority.

We have our own Factory in China and we also work with Cooperation Factories. Both which are audited and has obtained worldwide recognized certificates. Visiting and auditing our factory and quality system is welcome.

We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced staff, professional product developers and technicians who can take your dream product into life. We can handle most designs, materials, and techniques.

Our Specialty & Strength


Ease of Communication

Effective communication is the key for a great partnership. Hence, we maintain prompt, open & direct communication with our clients to prevent problems especially in Sample Making process. We don’t make promises, we make it happen.



Rich Sample Base

Over the years, we have accumulated great number of designs and samples to inspire your product line. From these design inspirations we can accommodate modification to meet your own business branding.


Collection Development

Our objective here is to set out in detail the best possible style, fabric, color, and price combinations which will inspire and represent our client’s proposals for the forth-coming season.


Ample Experience

Our 20+ years of experience makes us stand out in the intense competition of the manufacturing world. We became more familiar with the market, the quality, and the legal export requirements and can proactively fix problems if ever it arises.


Fashion Sensitivity

It is our passion to be updated with the current fashion trends, finding ways to figure out the elements that are likely to be integrated to our product development, and inspire the product collection of our potential and existing customers.


Strong Sourcing Network

We have a strong sourcing network of accessories, trimming, and fabric. We’re also supported by stable suppliers and cooperation factories across the mainland of China and other parts of Asian countries.


Competitive Price

While we promise our customers the best quality out of our products, we are also devoted to offer competitive and favorable price.


Recognized Quality

Good product quality and customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Delivering good quality product not just creates excellent enterprise culture, but also improve our customer relationship and loyalty.


Ethical & Environmental

Ethics may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re looking for suppliers. But we take social compliance seriously as much as our environmental care. 

Start a project with us.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner that has a great expertise in your product type and target market, Capex is your best choice.