Manufacturing Facilities & Production Flow

While our extraordinary human resources support the business with sophisticated skills and intelligent minds, our outstanding manufacturing facilities, functioning perfectly as always, pillar us to a further growth.




We take the needs of customers as our very basic starting point and devote ourselves to fully accomplishing the satisfaction of customer expectation. To follow this mission, we offer customized design in which customers are able to demand goods where personal preferences are satisfied and featured in. Prior to production, consumers are free to express their own ideas on product design and particular demands that they feel like possessing in the resulting products. Afterwards, we go to Computer Aided Design to create the artwork before getting sampling. After sample is done, we will seek for customer’s comment for further modification. As soon as the design and the pre-production samples are approved in technical and quality scales, mass production can be started to meet the needs of the market.



Spinning, as one of the vital parts in attaining fabrics from fibers, plays a major role in the whole textiles manufacturing process. We have connected with big scale of spinning factories, possessing a range of spinning machines, such as ring spinning machines, rotor spinning machines and air-jet spinning machines and practically arrange different types of machines for spinning to obtain desirable yarns we expect as the production of yarns of different characteristics generally requests different types of spinning machines. The use of certain spinning machine relies on what sort of yarns are asked for. In general, all of the spinning machines we offer are capable of spinning natural fibers and synthetics ones and even their blends. Along with the excellent quality of yarns we produce goes our caring for customers’ particular preferences for yarns with personal design.



Color is one of the significant elements which serve to the high value of textile products. Our associated factory is well equipped with dyeing facilities, which ensure the color generated perfectly matches our expectation. Exhausted dyeing method is normally taken advantage of by our associated factory to get yarns, pieces or fabrics dyed. For the sake of performing the best dyeing effects, diverse types of dyes are used, such as direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes. Choices of the dyes use are made based on the properties of material to be dyed and affinity between the dyestuff and material. In addition, a monitoring team has been formed to work out the most appropriate dyeing recipe as well as supervise the whole dyeing process carried out in our associated factory, to ensure the best color qualities of our goods such as colorfastness and color match.


After yarns are generated through spinning process, our facilities of weaving machines weave the yarns into fabrics. A large number of weaving machines we have enables us to handle mass production when woven products are in great demand. Moreover, our possession of different types of weaving machines contributes to the diversity of fabrics that can be produced. For example, rapier machines that we have operate at speeds ranging from about 200 to 260 ppm and they can produce a wide variety of fabrics ranging from low weaving density to higher one in different weave pattern. Additionally, flexibility of rapier machines permits the laying of picks of different colors. We also have the latest high-speed electronic jacquard machines for weaving, in which hundreds of designs can be stored. With a more outstanding performance over rapier machines, our jacquard, some of which are with specifications of 2400 hooks or even 4800 hooks, can be used to weave all kinds of fabrics at big scale pattern. This excellent capability of our jacquard weaving machines brings out the possibility of variations of colors with multi weft shuttles. . The weaving process is totally performed and supervised in our own established facilities and thus, best quality and steady goods supply are guaranteed.

Printing (hand screen print, machine screen print, digital print)

Apart from the abundant resources of dyeing machines, quantities of printing machines that we have champion the coloring process as well. We pick different printing methods based on the material, design, price, order quantity to be printed. Screen hand printing, which asks for much more labor force, time and advance preparation of screen frames, is used for producing very fine patterns with bright-colored appearances and as a result, this sort of printing method suits a small market demand yet very delicate quality request. However, we also possess machines screen printing, which is comparatively of higher efficiency, it comes to massive quantity orders but relatively at lower cost advantage.



In additional to our digital printing machines, in place of manpower, would satisfy the needs of market highly efficiently and effectively. Digital printing technology, as one of the most popular printing methods worldwide currently, is capable of producing complicated patterns and multi-color effects at short time advantage. Since there is no need to set up the screens for digital printing compared to screen printing, it saves time on preparation. Meanwhile, digital printing is more suitable for a small quantity production.


Fabric Cutting

Cutting process is done either manually or with the use of computerized cutting machines. Professional staff of ours usually deal with simple cutting while complicated cutting asks for specific cutting machines. In order to get the least occurrence of error in the cut pieces, our QC manager takes the responsibility to monitor the while entire process and get the quality ensured by checking on every piece that is cut.




We have employed workers with sophisticated sewing skills and years of field experiences to speed up the sewing process. A couple of types of sewing machines are supplied in our factory, such as high speed lock-stitch sewing machine, bar-tacking sewing machine. Workers are grouped to concentrate on one single sewing location of the fabrics and in this way, an ordered working flow is formed which greatly enhances the productivity.




Last but not least, our final products will be well packed and timely delivered to our customers all over the world. We provide worldwide consumers with customized packing services such as by product, by type, by shop packing where their own preferences are fulfilled to the largest extent. We offer this sort of service because we truly know that packing is one of very important marketing strategies and it largely relates to brand image. In this case, we might slightly change our routine packing process and moreover, we seek for different and up-to date packing materials. Nevertheless, this sort of customized service may lead to a far more complicated packing process, but thanks to our multiple years of experiences, we are able to bring out our best to this challenge.



Quality Control



We look at quality of our products as a core value, based on which customers would love to buy our products. Therefore, so as to guarantee the best quality, we are devoted to the accuracy of every process including weaving, printing, cutting, sewing, packing and eventual packing. Our attention to every tiny detail makes us never disappoint our consumers. Meanwhile, while best quality of our goods is ensured, we aim to maximize the production of goods within specified tolerances. We have developed specifications in a large range of our production sections to make sure that all employees have a very clear idea about their duties and everyday work flow. We also formulated acceptable tolerances and fault rates in every production section, which our employees can have references to when it comes to correction. Be detailed, we have at least one QC in each section to keep a close watch on the operation. QC staff will check the products to determine if there are any defect in fabric, color, workmanship, size etc. We immediately fix the defect as soon as they come up.

All checking details are recorded in a systematic way for management review.