Speciality & Strength

Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited is committed to providing you with best services. We are your ideal manufacturer of ties and scarves because of the following competitive advantages:

Why CAPEX Is Your Choice:



1. Prompt Response to Your Enquiry and Sample Making

We promise our consumers services of prompt response to enquiry. We commit ourselves to dealing with any puzzles that our customers have over our products, no matter it is concerned with price, specification of products or product characteristics. Particularly, to assist with the need of customized products, we have worked out a mature systematic sample-production flow from which we can attain the samples at the highest speed and show them to the customers. After customers see the samples and give their opinions on adjustment or further development, we can do timely modification to accomplish the match to customer needs prior to actual production. This not only boosts our communication with our customers and makes them feel at ease, but results in high efficiency and effectiveness of production process.

2. Our Rich Sample Base, Inspire Your Product Development

We offer everything possible to facilitate the formation and development of customers’ own design. Over last decades, we have accumulated quantities of product samples just for your reference, with which you are able to have a glimpse at the characteristics of certain fabrics and trims you may feel like using and the estimated effects of certain techniques we provide. In addition, those samples we have stored might be rather close to what you crave in your mind and thus you are able to get a realistic product to look at, taking account of aesthetics and possibility of practice. If any current samples fit your ideas, they are always ready to be altered to satisfy your requirements and eventually be marked with your own style. According to customer’s needs, we can do modification on color, size or material of the current samples to become totally a newly designed product. This kind of sample base, on the one hand, contributes to helping shape your ideas; on the other hand, shortens time needed for sample making and thus makes the entire process more efficient, enabling you to have what you expect at the highest rate. Moreover, our design team is always by your side to assist in your ideas to bring out the best.

3. We Arrange Customized Seasonal Collection, Save Your Time & Cost

We do collection development to inspire customers when they give a rough idea on what they expect by their initial mood board. Taking into account of price, current fashionable elements and brand image, we search for appropriate items to form a collection and present this collection to our customers. We do not merely seek for items in the market, we also integrate our own idea and design into the collection. For example, we have been initiating the product collection every S/S and F/W and tailor made to different customers inspired by latest fashion trends, with consideration of a bunch of factors such as customers’ preferences, brand image, and target price. By doing this we truly wish that more possible ideas would be inspired and more diversity would be led into customers’ own designs later on.

4. Ample Experience in the Industry

Our years of ample experience in multiple aspects makes us stand out in present intense competition of textiles world. The experience we have gained also makes us reliable and capable of dealing with various possible problems. Our years of focus on ties and scarves manufacturing since 1998 makes us very outstanding proficiency in production and makes us renowned in the related field. Over these years, we have accumulated a stable and international client base which continuously champions our development. Our manufacturing process, having undergone years of alternation and modification, functions steadily to support production.

5. Sensitivity to Fashion Trend

We are truly committed to predicting and keeping pace with current fashion trends to make our products fitted into and more possibly, lead the textiles market. We have this research team which concentrates on updated fashion shows and exhibitions and figure out elements that are likely to be integrated into our product development to generate what captures customers’ attention more. We integrate the current fashionable idea such as fabric type, print, trimming so on into our products, which we think it may be good for our customers to always locate themselves into the current trend.

6. Strong Sourcing Network

Depending on years of experience in doing business with suppliers that have been furnishing us with stable fabric and trimming supply, we have established a very strong sourcing network. Our sourcing network has spread into mainland of China, and some more other Asian countries. We are still keeping on sourcing new fabric and trimming suppliers across the world so as to gain the access to new and innovative materials which may be potentially popular with our customers when they enter the market.

7. Reasonable Price

While we promise our customers best quality out of our products, we are devoted to offering the most reasonable price which customers can afford.

8. Recognized Quality

We always believe in the truth that quality goes the first if we want to win the business battle. Aim for good quality not only helps create us an excellent enterprise culture which stimulates our employees, but brings us a firm client base of high loyalty. Thus, to guarantee the best quality of our products, we have introduced certain accredited quality management system.

9. Promising Delivery

We provide promising delivery for worldwide customers once their demand is finished. We do our best to make sure that our customers can have what they ordered perfectly timely