About Us

Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited is a full-service ties and scarves specialist offering comprehensive range of manufacturing services. Since our founding in 1998, Capex has accumulated rich experience and grown considerably in capabilities to become the leading ties and scarves manufacturing company. Over the past years, we have been developing various products ranging from ties, scarves, gloves, hats and so on and so forth. To date, Capex is proud to become one-stop shop that caters for different customers’ needs. We provide product manufacturing service basically in two approaches, namely OEM and ODM. The former means that we help our customers turn their own design into production. The latter means that we cooperate with our customers that using our original design by putting their own brand. Both approaches come with the same purpose which is facilitating the product development process. Capex is committed to providing you the best services by utilizing our knowledge and experience in product development.

Worldwide Market



Over the decades, Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited has grown to become experienced manufacturing company with customers all over the world. We deliver products and services to customers from Europe, America, Asia and others regions. In particular, our qualified products have been well recognized and popular in European market. Currently, over 70% of our products are sold in Europe, 15% in America and 9% in Asian Countries respectively.

Our Customers

Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited offers a variety of products that serve for different purposes. We keep pace with the fashion trend and thus able to provide our customers the idea that close to the trend. Fashion and clothing chain stores take up the highest proportion of our customer base, which is counted for 70%. Besides, we also offer products to customers from non-fashion sector such as schools, organization and other relevant companies. We are extremely thankful for all of our customers for their supports.




Order Process

From customer’s perspective, we understand the importance of establishing clear and smooth order system. Thanks to the past years rich experiences, Capex Industrial (Asia) Limited set up a well-structured order system. The order system basically consists of 7 processes. (See the graph) The systematic order process ensures that we are on a right track without omitting any steps. It also reduces the error chance and misunderstanding. All in all, it is hoped that the systematic order system gives confidence to our customers.